House in pine forest in cottage village

The cottage village is located on the river bank in a pine forest and consists of 17 houses and 6 apartments. The project is inscribed in a complex and picturesque landscape. An important task was to develop an architecture that harmoniously exists in a pine forest. A special emphasis of the project was placed on the naturalness of materials and shades. The studio has developed several projects of standard houses, an entrance group, an apartment complex and a general plan and landscaping project.


Small single-family house is formed by two geometric volumes. The two-storey part forms a private living area with bedrooms. Adjacent is a one-storey volume with panoramic glazing and a view of the forest, which houses a living room, kitchen and guest block area. Natural monochrome finishing materials contrast favorably with the surrounding forest landscape. The combination of simple geometry and monochrome finishing materials [повторяется про монохромные материалы, надо что то одно оставить] made it possible to achieve a spectacular contrast with the surrounding forest landscape.


Open terraces, retaining walls and small landscape elements provide the main connection between the house and the natural relief.